Men's Evisu Camouflage Jacquard Down Jacket BLACK 1EAGNM8JK791XX

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  • Manufactured by: Evisu Shop Japan
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Men's Evisu Camouflage Jacquard Down Jacket BLACK 1EAGNM8JK791XX
Men's Evisu Camouflage Jacquard Down Jacket BLACK 1EAGNM8JK791XX
Men's Evisu Camouflage Jacquard Down Jacket BLACK 1EAGNM8JK791XX

Product Info
A stylish take on everyday functionwear, this down jacket is designed with a camouflage pattern and contrast piping to keep your body toasty warm and your look absolutely cool. Throw it on to add a sporty touch to your weekend looks.

• Hooded down jacket
• Zip fastening, 2 pockets
• Camouflage jacquard panels, contrast piping, EVISUKURO logo print

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