Men's Evisu Sheer Bomber Jacket WHITE 1ESGNM9JK726XX

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  • Manufactured by: Evisu Shop Japan
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Men's Evisu Sheer Bomber Jacket WHITE 1ESGNM9JK726XX
Men's Evisu Sheer Bomber Jacket WHITE 1ESGNM9JK726XX
Men's Evisu Sheer Bomber Jacket WHITE 1ESGNM9JK726XX
Men's Evisu Sheer Bomber Jacket WHITE 1ESGNM9JK726XX

Product Info
Lightweight and stylish, this sheer bomber jacket is a reliable piece during transitional weather. The jacket comes with dynamic motifs of the brand’s signature elements such as seagull and EVISUKURO on both panels, whilst a Kamon badge is peppering the left arm. The black ribbed trims give a cool contrast to the white piece, making the piece easy to match with.

• Regular fit
• Long sleeves, ribbed trims
• Zip fastening
• EVISUKURO logo and seagull print, Kamon badge

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